Address Changes

It has been our experience that the postal service does not forward our magazines, even if you have forwarding address instructions in place.  Your other subscriptions may follow you to your new address, but ours will not unless you share your forwarding instructions with us directly.  Please keep us informed of any address changes you may have.

For our winter travelers that maintain a second residence, we are able to schedule your address changes so your issues automatically follow you as you move, provided you typically travel the same schedule each year.  Please see the chart below to help you decide which issues you need delivered to which addresses.

ClayShootingUSA Magazine Arrival Schedule:

Jan/Feb issue arrives mid-January

Mar/Apr issue arrives mid-March

May/Jun issue arrives mid-May

Jul/Aug issue arrives mid-July

Sep/Oct issue arrives mid-September

Nov/Dec issue arrives mid-November


Please submit your address change below:

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