John Imboden - Publisher, Advertising Director

John has been with the magazine for over 10 years and involved in the industry for many more.  

John has a strong relationship with our advertisers, and a noticeable presence on social media.  John covers most of our shoots in Texas and other areas across the South, as well as contributing to non-shoot related articles.






Stacey Stephens - Publisher, Subscriptions and Accounts Payable

Stacey has been with the magazine for 5 years, and is relatively new to the sporting clays industry.  After years of working in the mortgage industry and then a brief time serving in healthcare, she is now responsible for managing the subscription, accounting and website departments.

Stacey lives in San Antonio, TX with her husband, Jordan, of 18 years, where they are raising their three teenagers, all of which keep them on a dead run.  Stacey and her husband plan on learning to shoot one day when they have an empty nest.


Dana Farrell - Editor

Dana has been a ClayShootingUSA correspondent for 10 years and is currently in his 25th year of employment in the IT field at the University of Michigan.  Dana and his wife live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where they have raised three sons they're very proud of, two of whom are gainfully employed in the IT field, with the other currently in his second year of medical school.

Dana has been a sporting clays shooter since 2004, and his other passions include ruffed grouse hunting and vintage AH Fox shotguns.